Put and Take flies

Tjernobyl ant is a modern dryfly that incorporates modern materials to lure the trout in new ways. Try it when all others fail or as a first pick in the box. Sometimes when the trout focus on large terrestrials, the Tjernobyl Ant is the best… Read more

Trout flies

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Pike flies

 Lawson Pike flies are tied on the best hooks available, to ensure that the pike looses the battle everytime. The soft hackle pulses attractively in the water and makes the fly almost fish for itself when using slow intakes. The Lawson… Read more

Salmon flies

Ally’s Shrimp red treblehook Ally’s Shrimp purple doublehook Ally’s Shrimp orange treblehook Thunder and lightning treblehook Stoats tail treblehook Hairy mary treblehook Blue Charm treblehook Ally’s Shrimp… Read more

Coastal Flies

The pink pig  The pink pig has quickly become legendary in both Denmark and abroad. The long speyfibres and the colors just seems to magically attract seatrout, or any coastal predator for that matter. It’s perfect all season,… Read more

Lawson Slender


Lawson Slender is another news for 2012. Developed as an imitation of one of the most sought after prey, the Sand Eel, the Slender has an almost magic attraction to all sorts of coastal predators. You just never know what will be at the end… Read more

Lawson Gnome

Color for Lawsn Gnome 14g, 8g

Lawson Gnome is one of 2012′s most exciting news when it comes to innovative lures. The Gnome is developed by legendary Jan Sørensen of Faaborg, the man behind several famous seatrout lures like the Lawson Bullit. Gnome is the perfect imitation… Read more

Xstream flyreel

Design, functionality and durability was the primary goals when designing the new Xstream flyreel. The Xtream flyreel is machined from top grade 6061-T6 aliminum, and is colored in a dark and mysterious blue. The brake system has been… Read more

Lawson Salmon

lures (31)

These spinners have a long, slim spinning blade that allows it to quickly cut through the current, down where the fish are. Available in eight deadly colors. A favorite among many anglers!… Read more

Lawson Compact Braid

lines (11)

Inbound and unique knowledge of materials, packing the fibers as well as “High Tension” braiding technique, resulting in the most compact braid line! The result is a line of unique wear and knot strength compared to the diameter. Low stretch and… Read more

Lawson Fusion Line

lines (10)

Lawson Fusion Line is guaranteed the most unique and innovative  multifilament product developed today! This line is a hybrid line where a monofilament core is melted into the surrounding braided fibers. The result is a line that combines the best… Read more

Xstream Spin

xtreamspin (7)

  Salmon and Seatrout spinning rods. Lightweight spinning rods, with a parabolic action that can handle even very big fish. Handmade with custom components. 4 pc. With cloth bag. Blank: Carbon fiber. Guides: Sic type (silent… Read more

Lawson Norwegian

norwegianspin (3)

Our custom-designed top series rods, designed specifically for Norwegian conditions! Here is the functionality and quality of a lifetime. The 3-piece blanks are made of 40 tons of carbon and provide low  weight and a distinctive action. Spigot… Read more

Lawson GTR

reels (10)

Lawson GTR reels are excellent and versatile reels designed for a multitude of fishing conditions, from The North Sea and Norwegian fjords to trolling for salmon and trout. The Reels have an exchange of 1:3,8 to 1: 4.0. Each reel has silky smooth… Read more

Lawson In- and Offshore

Lawson in-off-shore

Inshore / Offshore rods have 3-legged guides witch are dobbel wrapped for maximum strength. EVA handle with extra length for maximum lifting power and big fish action. The Inshore rods are made for light jigging with a sensitive action…. Read more

Lawson Big Blue

boatrods (4)

The Lawson Big Blue 7′ comes in 20lbs for light jigging, and 30lbs for bait and heavier fishing. It has an X-But for mounting in fighting belt. The blanks have a smooth Full flex action with enough power to lift big fish from the Deep Blue. LTC… Read more

Lawson Northern Lite

northernlitespin (1)

High-quality carbon rod in 36-ton carbon! 3-piece Slim and strong blanks with superior design. High-quality components in all parts. The result is a very exciting rod series. It is designed for our Scandinavian fishing. The design is tasteful and… Read more

Monofilament lines

lines (17)

All Round line of very high quality, produced in Europe. Lawson Power line exists in both SP packs and bulk.            … Read more

Lawson Explorer


A luxury combo of very high standard and quality. Very Slim blanks, fitted with high quality components.The reel is Lawson Wild Fish with 6 SS BB mounted with monofilament line. The Combo is Supplied in a Cordura transport tube with reel bag on the… Read more

Prey Preywinder PLD

reels (17)

Deep sea fishing is constantly evolving and the trend is towards compact and light weight reels adapted to modern lines. Prey Winder PLD is no exception. Petite, yet solid enough to land anything that swims in Scandinavian waters. During test… Read more